2021 Lamborghini Urus Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


The 2021 Lamborghini Urus looks extreme in nearly every way. This is what you would expect when a famous supercar manufacturer builds an SUV. Although its hulking proportions and sleek bodywork are exaggerated, the 641-hp Italian beast is no threat on the track. It was actually the fastest SUV we have ever seen at Virginia International Raceway. This is testament to Lamborghini’s commitment to performance and the super-ute’s track-ready hardware. The company’s Aventador supercar and Huracan supercars are only for two people. However, the Urus can entertain, and no doubt scare–a maximum of five people. It has a lot of cargo space and can tow a trailer. It’s expensive and shares parts with the Audi Q8, but it is the ultimate SUV.

What’s new for 2021?

Lamborghini gives the 2021 Urus a wilder palette to make it more distinctive, if that’s possible. The new Pearl Capsule package includes bright green, orange, and yellow. The kit includes contrasting 23-inch wheels, as well as black trim pieces for the roof, spoiler, and rear diffuser. The exterior can be coated with GialloInti (yellow), Verde Mantis or Arancio Borealis orange, and the interior’s upholstery can match the new package. The largest Lambo has a wider range of paint options, including more standard driver assistance features (adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring), and a few other optional and standard features. The Urus 2021 is $10,683 more expensive than its predecessor. This may not be the most notable thing about the Urus.

Pricing and Which One To Buy

The Urus is a Lamborghini that costs nearly a quarter million dollars. However, it is still the most affordable Lamborghini. It can carry more than two people, and can hold a lot of luggage. This makes it the most affordable Lamborghini in the company’s range. The new Pearl Capsule package would enhance its extrovert style. This is the recommended version. It looks great in the Verde Mantis paint. The black exterior details and large 23-inch wheels offset it. The interior color scheme will match. For more luxury, we would add front seats with ventilation or massage functions. Then, we’d change to the four-seat configuration which reduces passenger capacity by one and offers rear-seat power adjustments as well as heated surfaces. Assuming that rich people aren’t going to be three-deep in their back seats, we don’t think so. We also recommend the upgraded sound system and hands-free tailgate as well as rear-seat entertainment systems and Off-Road driving modes.

Performance, Transmission and Engine

The Urus’ twin-turbo V-8 makes 641 horsepower. It burbles at idle and howls when it is fully throttled. All that power is combined with a permanent all-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic transmission to give you incredible acceleration. The Urus was able to accelerate to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds, and then to a quarter-mile in 11.3 seconds at an astounding 121 mph. Lamborghini also estimates that the Urus can reach speeds of up to 190 mph. With its quick steering and stable high speed cornering, the Urus is athletic from behind it. The Urus’ four-wheel drive mode allows for adjustable ride heights. The standard carbon-ceramic brakes of the Urus ensure that it stops just as fast as it goes – stopping at 70 mph and stopping at 149 feet.

Fuel Economy and Real World MPG

The Urus is expensive, so those who can afford it won’t be concerned about fuel economy. However, Lamborghini’s most powerful model loves to drink. According to the EPA, the Urus should get 12 mpg in cities and 17 mpg highway. Although we haven’t tested the Urus’ real-world mpg along our 200-mile highway fuel economy route, it will likely vary depending on how you drive.

Interior, Comfort, & Cargo

The cabin is dramatic and classic Lambo. The cabin is reminiscent of a jet-fighter, with the start button hidden under a red flipcover and the shifter looking like it’s on a jet’s throttle. The shifter is flanked by levers that allow for customizable performance settings and control of drive modes. The trim is a mix of carbon-fiber and faux-suede, and the infotainment system as well as reconfigurable gauges and the infotainment system are straight from Audi. Depending on the seating arrangement, the back seat can accommodate between two and three people. The interior cubby storage is highlighted with useful door pockets, and a bin behind floating center stack. With the optional rear bucket seats, the Urus can also hold up to 22 cubic feet of cargo space. However, this area drops by 2 cubic feet.

Infotainment & Connectivity

Every Urus comes with the most recent connectivity and infotainment technology. Two touchscreens are built into the middle stack, which include controls for audio and climate, as well as a digital gauge cluster. Although the screens are crisp and have large icons and clear graphics, they are not as intuitive as traditional buttons and knobs.

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