2022 BMW 8 Series Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

The BMW 8-Series delivers the grandeur of a luxury full-size car with a sporty and sleek coupe. The spacious interior is encased in luxurious Merino leather. It also comes with features such as surround-sound audio as well as semi-autonomous driving allows for luxury journeys in peace and comfort. BMW’s sports heritage is displayed with two turbocharged engines and a responsive handling. The 8-Series can also be purchased as a convertible , and a sleek four-door sedan.


Its BMW 8-Series straddles the line between luxury and sportiness. It has all its Euro appeal that customers have come to appreciate about BMW, and has the long, elegant exterior that effortlessly hints at the powerhouse inside and a stylish cabin that’s brimming with modern technology.

Customers can outfit their 8-Series in a range of high-end color options as well as high-performance cooling and tires are available. However it’s extremely comfy when driving and in towns. Some buyers will choose the more luxurious cabins offered by BMW’s rivals, but they are priced higher at price at the start. In the end, at all times, however, it has an outstanding combination of style, sportiness and elegance which makes it an ideal daily driver as well as long-distance cruiser.

Trims and Pricing

BMW offers two trim options, including the comfortable M850i and the sportier 840i. The coupe version is available as a convertible, convertible, or a 4-door Gran Coupe.

The 840i’s price is around $85,000, which includes rear-wheel drive as well as an engine that is turbocharged. The standard safety features for drivers include automated emergency braking, lane departure warning parking sensors and a heads-up display and a blind-spot monitor system. Other features include rain-sensing headlights, laser headlights as well as a motion-activated trunk. Merino leather upholstery, heated front seats and dual-zone climate control. ignition keyless, as well as an heating steering wheel. Media features include the 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system and an 10.3-inch touchscreen that includes WiFi access along with Apple CarPlay and navigation.

The upgrade to the fast-paced M850i increases the price to $99,000. It comes with an engine with turbo V8 as well as an active suspension, auto parking and front seats that are ventilated.

Customers have the option of choosing among a wide range of paint and leather shades and wheel-and-tire combinations. This driving Assistance Professional Package adds to the 8-Series’ semi-autonomous driving features. Carbon-fiber trim is offered on the roof as well as all around the exterior. Glass controls are available as well. Drivers will appreciate cooling and high Performance Tire Package, as in addition to M Sport Brakes. M Sport Brakes.

Engine and Performance

BMW is a popular brand among drivers, due to the way that the cars are driven and handled. While it’s true that the 8-Series is a large car, its sporty nature can be seen on straightaways and curvy canyon roads. The basic 840i isn’t equipped with a lot or power — it’s only 335 horsepower, but it’s sufficient for some driving enjoyment. Turbocharged 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine yields an EPA-estimated 23/30 miles per gallon city/highway These are good numbers for a top-end luxury sports vehicle.

Both models use an automatic transmission with 8 speeds and paddle shifters. The most notable additions to the latter model are the 4.4-liter V8 turbo as well as a suspension that can be adjusted by the driver which makes it the most discerning option. The M850i’s engine puts out 523 horsepower, which puts it in between the 840i and 617-hp M8. It’s a good combination of all-out speed and efficiency, with an average of 20 mpg during EPA tests.


The 8-Series features a simple interior that is traditional BMW. The cabin is stylish and trimmed in premium Merino leather. It is centered around an minimalist dashboard. The design helps keep the distractions to a minimum, making it possible for the driver to concentrate on the road ahead. Certain drivers will appreciate BMW’s elegant style and others may feel it is boring. There are some rivals that have flashier interiors, which highlight the car’s luxurious features. However the 8-Series is loaded with an array of features that include heated front seats, navigation along with premium audio and more.

The controls are user-friendly and BMW’s iDrive informationtainment software is a great choice. Similar to its competitors and its competitors, the 8-Series has plenty of room for front-seat passengers as well as a comfortable rear seat that is perfect for children.

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