2022 BMW M5 Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

The BMW M5 offers supercar performance with a practical four-door design that is equally as suited for a shopping trip or an Cannonball Run.


BMW almost created the modern sports sedan by inventing the M5, a modified four-door model that was first introduced in the late 1980s. More than four decades later, the heritage is still in full force. Indeed it’s now the case that with the M5 Competition, which is new for 2022 Sport with an impressive six27 horses, the car is more powerful than ever. The M5’s formula hasn’t seen much change over the years. Take the less than shrewd mid-sized BMW 5 Series; drop into a super-fast engine; then add robust suspension, larger wheels, and better brakes and then cook the tires every chance. It’s a delicious dish that’s even better with the latest versionthat can be reverted to its race-ready driving modes, and is able to be used as a regular driver. This contrasts the M5 with more outrageous rivals, The Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 S and the Audi RS 7. Some may consider the M5 to be too tinny for the purpose it serves. However, push the accelerator and the feeling disappears in the same way that this raunchy Bimmer is able to leave other vehicles in the dust.

Trims and Pricing

The BMW M5 comes in two variants. The M5 standard is an impressive performer to begin with, but it is able to be enhanced with a complete Competition package, which includes an extensive list of improvements. New this year is the ultra-high-performance M5 Competition Sport (CS), which BMW says it will offer for one year only. Its CS is the most sought-after trim, but we’d suggest the standard M5 to get the price. This is why.


From $104,495, the M5 comes with 19-inch wheels with dynamic damper control M Compound brakes, with vented discs and six-piston front brakes as well as adaptive LED headlights with high beams that are automatically controlled and a rear spoiler ambient lighting and a heated steering wheel with four-zone climate controls, a head-up display, as well as Merino leather. The infotainment package includes SiriusXM satellite radio, the 464-watt, 16-speaker Harman Kardon surround-sound stereo; navigation; Apple CarPlay; Android Auto wireless charging for phones as well as a trial period of three months of an 3GB WiFi hotspot.

To get a better quality of performance, you can opt for the competition package ($7,600) which includes 20-inch wheels that are forged as well as the M Sport exhaust system, stiffer rear and front springs, more firm engine mounts and a fully calibrated damper control, Track Mode selectability, 17 more horsepower, a longer Shadowline trim and lights along with M seats.

Other options include carbon ceramic brakes ($8,500) and the M Driver’s package for $2,500 which includes a day of instruction in an BMW high-performance driving school.

Competition Sport

The limited-run Competition Sport ($142,995) is the most powerful model of the M5 that is equipped with carbon fiber throughout to cut the weight down to 230 pounds and further enhance performance. It features the majority of the Competition package improvements and includes 20 inch Gold Bronze wheels, carbon-fiber seats for sport, as well as additional unique design elements. Additionally, it features carbon-ceramic brakes as well as the M Driver’s bundle as standard equipment.

If you’re really looking for the best M5, then it’s the Competition Sport is the way to take. We think that anyone, even the most dedicated fans will be content with the basic M5 with a price of just $40,000 less.

Engine and Performance

The BMW M5 comes standard with 600 horses 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 that is mated to an eight-speed automated transmission that powers each of the 4 wheels. The M5’s standard model can reach 60 mph from a stop in 3.2 seconds in accordance with BMW. However, the Competition version cuts 0.1 seconds off the time because of its 17 horsepower. This version, called Competition Sport, which boosts the power by 10 ponies as well as weighs less regular trim, can reach 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. What does that kind of power feel in the seat? The pull of torque coming from corners, or even from an impasse is so strong it is like being pulled by the scruff of your neck. Half-throttle can send you over a multitude of vehicles along the road. It also sounds great as well.

Turn-in and steering control are both precise and there’s an almost all-time traction on long, straight corners. The M5 has great sightlines, even although the front pillars may not be much thicker than I beams.

The brakes aren’t the only issue because they feel like wood and do not provide precise feedback, even if you’re really deep into the pedal throw. This could be due to the way the brakes of BMW’s carbon ceramic feel but.

To be honest The suspension is active and enjoyable. The M5 is definitely a driving car, but it doesn’t have an “off” button to turn off the time you’re with your kids and/or your spouse. It’s a bumpy and lurching trip over any surface that isn’t smooth particularly in more harsh suspension settings. However, the Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 has numerous similar issues with its ride and The Audi RS 7 sacrifices some high-end performance to provide more supple ride.


Like many BMW interiors like the M5 features a comfortable seating position with a robust and solid design of the central stack as well as a plethora of customizable menus hidden within the iDrive infotainment control. Certain buttons (such those to control temperature) aren’t the greatest to find while driving at a high speed. Additionally, the plethora of buttons in the center console require a steep learning curve to master. The M5 comes with car “preconditioning” to ensure that you’re not burned upon getting back in your vehicle after spending an hour spent in the heat of a parking lot. We love this feature. The backseat of the standard is not cramped for three passengers. Two can fit comfortably, however, the legroom is quite slim. Maybe BMW could have taken an extra inch of space from the trunk and distributed it to backseat passengers. However, there could be trade-offs with the appearance of the exterior and design of the automobile. The sporty bucket seats in the rear, which are exclusive in Competition Sport, Competition Sport, unfortunately, aren’t the most spacious.

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