2022 BMW M8 Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

The BMW M8 is the perfect road trip car for two people, particularly when the trip involves the twists and turns of the roads. It is also possible to pay for its high price. The drivetrain is sure to thrill. However, as a driver for the day the jarring suspension could be a nuisance.


The BMW M8 Competition is large and powerful it’s a massive car that can only fit 2 people in a comfortable way. It’s a different kind of vehicle than its rivals like it’s Porsche 911 Carrera S, Audi R8, or Lamborghini Huracan. Even the snarlingand smoking Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe has distinct look and feel from BMW’s largest as well as most costly coupe.

Do we have a definitive solution to this? Each of these cars are perfect examples of vehicle design and research. If you’re who is new to this field the field will be awe-inspiring and enthralling. These are the cars that appear on teens’ wall art. Each car has its flaws that shouldn’t be a reason to avoid certain buyers.

If you’re driving M8 Competition, for instance M8 Competition, its harsh suspension can, at times cause irritation, frustration and sabotage any notion of a refined drive. Even in the most relaxed setting, the suspension can be a nagging companion that can ruin the goodwill its impressive engine transmission, suspension, and solid handling could generate. For those who want to stand out in their appearance may be disappointed by the M8’s minimalist styling as compared with other cars in its class. it’s more the two-door version of a sedan rather than a rumbling performance coupe.

Trims and Pricing

BMW provides the M8 exclusively in the track-ready Competition trim.


Its price is $130,995. M8 currently only comes with a well-equipped Competition trim that has a limited number of options. The standard equipment is Merino leather seats Carbon-fiber or metallic wood inside trims, M Sport differential, keyless entry, front-ventilated seats that have lumbar support, automatic high beams, Active Driving Assistant Pro and wireless phone charging. Apple CarPlay, a Wi-Fi hotspot, SiriusXM satellite radio with one-year subscription and all-wheel drive that has rear-drive capabilities.

The optional equipment is Alcantara upholstery, an extended leather treatment, piano black finish Driving Assistance package driving Assistance Professional package, bucket seats, as well as the Bowers & Wilkins stereo system. Other options include carbon-ceramic brakes M compound brakes that have colored calipers and M Driver’s package, as well as prepaid scheduled maintenance.

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time at the track or on back roads, then by all means buy the carbon-ceramic brakes for $8150. If you’re just puttingtering around to meet-ups, your regular bindings will suffice.

Engine and Performance

Its M8 Competition comes with one of the greatest engines on the planet that is a powerful 617 horsepower and an 4.4-liter twin turbo V8. When coupled to the eight-speed M Sport automatic transmission, the M8 is an unstoppable powerhouse of speed. Its greater than 553 pounds-feet of torque gives an instantaneous roar from a standstill and thrust across the rev range. Because the M8 weighs this heavily it is able to feel the powertrain’s muscles stretch as it relentlessly smashes speed limitations.

This car is set to the road as long as the asphalt is smooth and steady. However, if you hit a midcorner shudder and things start to get a bit shaky the slightest hint of bump-steer. If you are aware of the danger and you’re prepared, it’s a lot of enjoyable.

If you’re driving under the 70% limit carbon ceramics are to be able to absorb every ounce of pressure exerted by that pinky. However, once you begin to apply pressure to the M8 in serious competition the brakes begin to take on an uneasy feeling which is a bit spooky.

This could be the M8 Comp’s most obvious flaw that is the suspension. While it provides solid cornering and all-day, three-digit speed on smooth motorways, the vehicle’s riding turns into a buttock-busting and spine-shattering on a muddy road. Even in the comfort mode.

There are several performance settings that can be used for engine (three) as well as the chassis (three) as well as steering (two) and brakes (two). Additionally, when you turn the stability control off, you can put the vehicle in reverse-drive mode. When you have found your preferred configurations, two bright red steering wheel buttons can be locked the settings in place to be used in the future.


For those who are familiar with a BMW inside layout there’s no surprises in the M8 Comp. The seats are comfortable and have the most reassuring bolstering. This 12.3-inch display is entirely digital. However, the tachometer moves counterclockwise, against the traditional. A clear head-up display is able to put key readings in the field of view.

For a car this massive and powerful, it’s a bit surprising that there’s a insufficient interior space. Even though the M8 is advertised as an all-four-seater but those seats in the back are used for display. When the vehicle’s driver’s height is around 6 feet tall, there’s no room for a rear-seat passenger to sit their legs. The trunk is small and shallow , yet deepit is likely to hold four small bags of rollers in a two-by-two style.

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